Membership Renewals – The lifeblood of your business

Regardless of the type of business you may be in, loyalty is essential for survival in today’s fast paced, tech-savvy world. With so much demand on the wallets of each and every one of your customers or members, making sure you are front of mind is imperative to the viability of your business.

This is no more important than in the sporting arena, with memberships being the lifeblood of your club. Sure, the sponsorships pay for some of your new signage, a player or two, but it’s your members that fill the stands, pump up your team on game day, but most importantly keep your lights on and your club active.

So, when it comes to your club members, regardless of whether you are an NRL, AFL, NBA, FFA, netball, rugby or just about any other major sporting code, it is imperative to engage and re-engage with your members constantly and consistently.

While you may think a few social media posts, a tweet or two and a birthday email should do the trick, in a world with flatlining wage growth, rising costs of living and downward pressures on household incomes, you may find sporting memberships are one of the first things to be let go.

How do we connect with our members and ensure they renew?

Although your overworked memberships manager may be able to man the phones or send out some communications through email and social media, there is a better way.

Thankfully First Class Consulting & Mailing (FCCM) has been providing direct marketing and membership services to sports clubs around the country for decades.

Our team offer services including but not limited to:

– Membership Renewal Direct Mail – process/program data, produce the mail piece, mail the membership renewals, etc.

– Inbound Telemarketing/Call Centre/Customer Service – acting on behalf of your club as the “membership department”, answer member queries, process renewals and new memberships directly into your database/CRM, etc. etc. This can be for a certain peak period, as “overflow”, or whatever suits your needs. We’re flexible and tailor all of our service packages to meet a short-term need or act as a long-term partner.

– Outbound Telemarketing/Customer Service – we can help to follow up unrenewed members, process renewals, provide reporting during and/or at the completion of the campaign, etc.

What are the Benefits of outsourcing Call Centre/Customer Service?

While you and your team may be able to do your membership renewals, FCCM have done it for years for many of the largest sporting clubs and organisations in the country and can save you time and effort in your renewals processes.

Our systems and process, not to mention our highly professional staff, provide economies of scale, can assist with your club’s membership services and offer a solution that many clubs just aren’t able to manage effectively.

So, what does that mean for your team and your club? This means your club can save time, money and ensure you have more members recommitting.

Not only this, but while our dedicated and professional team are blazing a trail engaging with and signing up your members, you and your team can be using your time on adding more value to your membership offerings, activation of new membership driving campaigns or growing the baseline of your club’s revenue.

FCCM are the Australian experts in delivering direct marketing and membership solutions for your club. Contact our dedicated team today on (03) 9553 2888 or email to find out how we can add value, memberships and revenue to your club.

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