First Class Consulting & Mailing provides quality both inbound & outbound call handling and are driven and dedicated to excellence in communications and customer service.

Whatever your requirements are, you can depend on a team of experts to manage your call handling needs and to offer a tailored solution that works to your individual business. Our goal is to help increase response times for your business and create opportunities and sales that allow your business to thrive.

COVID has changed the way many do business and if you are looking to outsource some or all, of your administration, we are able to develop a solution to support your exact requirements.

Whether you require a project with specific technical or regulatory knowledge to manage customer enquiries or a targeted outbound campaign to boost awareness of your organisation, we can provide you with an effective solution that meets your exact needs.

We have extensive membership, pharmaceutical and customer service experience enabling us to put together an expert team to manage your unique call-handling and administration requirements.

Our services include:

  • Inbound services
  • Outbound services
  • Payment processing
  • Order management
  • Banking
  • Email communications/data entry
  • Document scanning
  • SMS
  • Web and postal communications

No matter the result you are searching for, FCCM can provide call centre and administration services that deliver the best return on your investment. We offer scalable technology, people and supply chain solutions that are industry-leading for your business.

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